Creating Your Custom Bridal Shoes

See how easy it is to turn your shoes into spectacular Custom Bridal Shoes!

1. Start with your own comfortable shoes

Buy solid-color shoes you love in silk, satin, leather, patent leather—or any material. Choose shoes that have the style you want, plus the comfort that your feet want!

2. Check our sample designs for ideas

Browse through the designs that you see here.

  • Want a specific style that’s on our site? Great. It can be yours!
  • See a style you love, but want it in a different color? No problem. We can match any color.
  • Want to mix and match decorative features that you see? Your shoes are custom designed just for you! Tell us what you like from the different styles shown on our site.
  • Want to match your wedding gown or dress exactly? We can do that, too. Just ask the manufacturer of your dress to mail you an extra ½ yard of fabric and send it with your shoes.

3. Contact us to set up a no-obligation chat

Fill out this easy contact form.
We’ll respond right away, to set up a time to talk about your preferences and to discuss ideas about creating the princess bridal shoes of your dreams.

The final cost of your princess bridal shoes will depend on the type and amount of lace and sparkles, the intricacy of the design, and how long it will take us to create your fantasy shoes.

4. We’ll send a confirmation letter

As with any type of custom design work, we’ll send you a written agreement detailing what we’ve talked about—the type of shoes we’ll be turning into Princess Bridal Shoes, the color, the type and amount of lace, the sparkles, everything! And we’ll include the exact cost that we agreed on.

We ask that you return the agreement, along with a non-refundable deposit of 50% before we begin working.

5. You’ll receive the shoes of your dreams!

About two (2) to three (3) weeks after we receive your shoes, we’ll ask you to pay the balance due. Then we’ll ship your custom designed fantasy shoes right to your doorstep.