About Us

Hi, I am Leia Lo, founder of Princess Bridal shoes.  Thank you for visiting my Website. I am thrilled to welcome you, and hope that you see my passion for making shoes beautiful in the designs that are shown on these pages.

Princess Bridal Shoes is the culmination of my life experiences.  As a young child, I was part of the royal family in Cambodia. However, due to a coup that deposed my uncle, my family had to flee Cambodia. Still, I can recall the elegance and majesty of the women I saw dressed in their overflowing gowns and royal garments adorned with silk, lace, and pearls.

That image has stayed with me to this day. That vision--along with my love for the splendor, clothing, and elegance of the 18th century--conjures up fantasies of what it would feel like to be a princess, if even for a short time.

Like many women today, I am also a "shoe gal" at heart.  One day, while planning to attend a black tie function, I looked at the dress shoes I normally wore. They seemed boring to me. I wondered what would happen if I added some embellishments to them. 

I had no idea that simply adding crystals to the heels would change those shoes from plain to glamorous. The entire night of the affair, people stared at my feet. I received so many compliments that evening. Women also came up to me and asked where they could buy shoes like mine. That's how the idea for Princess Bridal Shoes was born.

In starting this business, it is my goal to have every woman I serve feel like a princess every time she wears the shoes that I have had a chance to transform for her.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your trust. I look forward to helping you beautify your own shoes—and feeling like a princess.